You are Enough

Ugh, I look fat in this outfit, ugh, I hate how I look, my face is too fat, my nose looks funny, I wish my hair was longer. Have you ever had a feeling of being unconfident in what you have on, what you look like, unconfident in your relationship, unconfident in your parenting skills, your job, etc, etc?  I'm sure at some point we all have felt unconfident in at least one of these areas or another. What is confidence? Many would say it is being secure in who you are, others would say it's a feeling of knowing who you are. The actual definition of confidence states the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something. While all of those are correct, we can pinpoint the part above that states " the belief that one can rely on someone", and that someone is Jesus! If you are not solely relying on him and letting him come into your heart then you will always feel like you are not enough when in reality you are more than enough, but you must seek him and get to know him to be confirmed of this. God made you with purpose but you have to focus on him in order to believe it, and to believe in yourself. I went through several periods in my life where I found myself doing things and seeking validation in wanting to wear clothes that made me look half naked because I thought I would look prettier or get more attention, in reality I just wasn't confident in who I was so I was seeking the wrong things and in return I got the wrong results. In all actuality, being confident doesn't come from the clothes we wear, what hairstyle we have or don't have, whether or not our husband tells us if we look pretty today (of course we want to hear that, haha) or how many likes we get on any social media platform. All those things may look nice on us, but we shouldn't rely on any of that to feel confident. We should begin to rely on Jesus and then we will know that our confidence can ONLY come from him and once you do this you will begin to walk in confidence no matter what your hair or your outfit may look like. Joshua 1:9 states, "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.

For, He who keeps his commands will walk in Confidence and in Victory! Be confident, be you, rely on him and BE PRETTY PERFECT!!!!